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National Poetry Month: April 11-15

National Poetry Month: April 11-15

Hi Friends!

It’s been a busy month! First, a book I highly recommend to pre-order from Sara Lippmann, The Doll Palace. It’s a collection of short stories, and I am thrilled for Sara:

Dock Street Press Palace

And now, for National Poetry Month!

On April 11, I read “Clouds” by  Barbara Ras. I was introduced to this poem at Esalen Institute last summer, and it…

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I was on Bud Smith’s Unknown Show talking about writing, and I read two of my poems in Addicts & Basements!

National Poetry Month: April 9 and 10

National Poetry Month: April 9 and 10

Hi Friends,

For every writer, there is the infrequent, yet pure joy of creativity, when expression literally comes through you and onto a page. Rare, it is, indeed, and when it happens, so exquisite. Well, there is a new joy, and it’s profound. That of one’s work being translated into another poet’s own work, alchemical, organic, and transformative. Like a trance in motion. Please read this…

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National Poetry Month: Simon Perchik from Hands Collected

National Poetry Month: Simon Perchik from Hands Collected

Today for National Poetry Month, I read Simon Perchik’s poem (untitled) from Hands Collected, published at Pavement Saw Press:


Over the years, I’ve had numerous conversations with other poets, and more than often, Simon’s name is mentioned. His poems are staggering in volume, unique in voice and perspective, jarring, and earthly devoted, and remarkably lovely.

As a nod to his oeuvre, I…

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National Poetry Month: April 6 & 7

National Poetry Month: April 6 & 7

Hi friends,

On April 6, I read Matthew Zapruder’s “Sun Bear” from his new collection of the same name:


I read the title poem, which I find so playful, humane, and deep simultaneously:

▶ Robert Vaughan reads “Sun Bear” by Matthew Zapruder – YouTube

On April 7 (today), I read Natasha Tretheway’s “At Dusk” by Natasha Tretheway. This poem is in her collection called Native Guard:


▶ Robert Vaughan…

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Hi friends! Today for National Poetry Month, I read Dorianne Laux’s “Woman in a…

Hi friends!

Today for National Poetry Month, I read Dorianne Laux’s “Woman in a Bar.” This is one of ten poems from her exquisite chapbook, The Book of Women by Red Dragonfly Press:

Red Dragonfly Press: THE BOOK OF WOMEN by Dorianne Laux


Dorianne, for those who don’t know her, is a wizard! She is simply one of the best poets I know, and I consider myself so fortunate, my life has transformed…

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Kirkus Review of Addicts & Basements

Kirkus Review of Addicts & Basements

Best cover shot


It feels surreal, how much this Kirkus Reviews surprises me.

In a new review, posted yesterday, Kirkus opens with:

“A fast-moving fusion of micro-fiction and free verse that peers into the places where people keep things most deeply hidden.”

And Kirkus wraps up their insightful review with this:

“A fascinating study of human attachment and…

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Addicts & Basements gets a Kirkus Review

My full length collection is reviewed today at Kirkus!

Today for National Poetry Month I read “The Strangers Who Find Me in the Woods” by Rigoberto Gonzalez. Enjoy!